Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, many young children in our country already dealt with hunger on a daily basis. Not far from the walled villas and new apartment buildings of Amman, there is hunger, a hunger that many of us have never faced. Unfortunately, it’s affecting the most vulnerable group in society’s formation: babies. Organizations that were previously hardly meeting the bare minimum nutritional needs in the less fortunate areas are now unable to deliver supplies. Infants, only a few weeks old, are going hungry or suffering from broken bones because of severe mineral deficiencies. Their mothers, malnourished, cannot provide breast milk. They are forced to water down the formula to provide their children enough nourishment to survive until something changes.


Jordanians have always been known for their gallantry and for coming together in times of extreme crises and this is only a small part of what we can achieve together to combat this pandemic and aid those that are in need.


This is where Formula of Hope (FOH) was born. FOH is an initiative created to provide such necessities to these families.  The driving power behind FOH are the young men and women that collect baby formula that contains iron, which is donated by members of our community.

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